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Getting ON Stage

Some of my favorite talks are on leadership, business, marketing, and networking. 

I will ignite the audience as I show them how to put strategy behind everything they do in business. I try to bring a unique aspect to the stage with having experiences in multiple aspects of business- service, product, and direct sales. My goal is to have attendees leave a room motivated, inspired, & ready to produce results. Through each presentation, I focus on diving deep into each subject so people aren’t just walking away with notes, they are walking away ready to put things into action. 

I engage the audiences so I'm not talking to them, but talking with them - I may even get a chuckle through my crazy real life experiences that I share intertwined into each presentation. This approach has left me with a community of raving fans ready to hear more. (Or if you want to read for YOURSELF, you can scroll to the bottom to hear what others have to say.)


How to Get Me Involved 

I've got a few different favorites up my sleeves, but if there is something you know I'd crush on stage but don't see it below, fill out the contact form at the bottom.


Let Me fill in those awkward gaps between speakers & get all the info delivered to your audience. 

best of all, the host of the event actually gets to enjoy their day.

I am great at getting people engaged & playing off the energy of the audience- or creating a laugh when needed. as a strong believer of being involved in the events I'm attending, You will find me most of the time in the back taking notes during other speakers. I do this so I can pull the content being shared into the conference multiple times.

HAve a smaller event? I love intimate events & enjoy facilitating conversations and PANELS.

How to Make the Most of Your Event

Through this favored keynote presentation, I will get the audience ready to make the most out of their event experience. This is a totally customized PRESENTATION based on your event & goal(s) for the event. 

By having them dig deep into their why, their who, & their own goals for attending, they will discover ways to maximize their time at your event. I will get them up and moving so they're fully energized to be present & walk away from the event with solid contacts. 

During this presentation, I will engage with the audience and cover the following takeaways: 

  • The Importance of being present at your event 

  • Identifying who they are looking to connect with 

  • Pin-pointing their top goals for being at the event 

  • Ways to communicate their "why" behind what they do & who they serve 

  • How to make an impact after the event

Length » 60-90 Min

Turn Your Networking Into Cash

You put the time and effort into networking, but is it putting $ back in your pocket?

This is a question that I've had to ask myself (and others) may times throughout the years. Once a naysayer & terrified to walk into a room, I now am a networking lovin’ fool. It didn't happen overnight, but eventually I got there through many awkward, funny, and enlightening experiences through networking. Soon I discovered it was all about connecting and having a strategy behind my efforts. Once this fire was lit, there was no stopping Me.

Now, I'm ready to share all my secretes.(no one should have to go through that awkward stage- we already lived through our teenage years)

During this presentation, I will cover the following takeaways: 

  • Identifying where to spend your time networking

  • Creating your client avatar 

  • Your to-dos before going to the networking event 

  • Tips on what to do during an event 

  • Identifying your follow-up process 

  • How to turn that time spent into money in the bank 

Length » 30-60 min

5 Guaranteed Ways to Fail In Business

I have been surrounded by hundreds of entrepreneurs through the years And you better believe me when I say I was taking notes!

Through watching other entrepreneurs start and continue in business, I have see the dos and don'ts of being a biz owner. So once I decided to leap into the entrepreneur world, I gathered all of the lessons I had picked up along the way.

Yet, I see other eager business people making these 5 common mistakes.
Let me teach your audience how to avoid these & take their businesses to the next level. 

Throughout this presentation, the attendees will learn the importance of the following business strategies: 

  • Your Why 

  • Delegating

  • Accountability 

  • Perfect Client(s)

  • Marketing 

Length » 30-60 Mins

The Formula for Success in Social Marketing

With the boom of social media & online marketing for businesses, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of status updates. It's no wonder people come to me with the same pain points:

"No one is seeing anything I post!" 
"My social media isn't converting to sales." 
"I get no engagement on my social." 
"Social media doesn't work. It's a big waste of time."

The truth is, the social game has gotten increasingly hard for small businesses. But that's no reason to throw in the towel- you just have to rethink the approach. During this presentation, I'll help your audience walk away with the following know hows:

  • Deciding on where to market your business online 

  • Creating a personality through your content 

  • Plan for consistency online

  • The importance of community 

Length » 30-60 Min

Ready to get me on your stage?

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Here's what the crowds have to say

Angie did a great job with speaking to our students at National American University. She was very prepared, enthusiastic and polite. I definitely would recommend her to any company to speak.
— Kristin M., National American University
I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Angie speak multiple times and she is always confident and brimming with action packed content. If you have a conference on the horizon, I highly recommend that you book Angie to speak on the power of networking so your attendees can maximize their ROI while attending the event. Angie gets people out of their seats, meeting new people while easily growing their network and biz!
— Ursula M, Sales Coach Now
Angie Brings and energy that is contagious, and every single person walked away learning something about themselves, as well as something they could incorporate into their professional life immediately. I highly recommend Angie as a consultant and a speaker.
— Jill W., Polka Dot Powerhouse
Attendees asked that we bring Angie back to speak at WIN again so they could learn more from her and they weren’t disappointed. We’ve received great feedback. Her presentation style is informative, highly relatable and filled with plenty of humor. I highly recommend Angie as a presenter.
— Teresa T, Women In Networking